This flamingo is a heron with ambitions

Auteur: Ina Oome
Categorie: Columns by Ina

I came across this photo thanks to my love for flamingos. And after laying eyes on this beautiful image, two things happened: I suddenly saw the similarities between this flamingo and a heron, and realized my love extends to the countries where they live.

Only the tropical flamingo would rather eat shrimp than fish, prefers the sun over the rain, and wants to see more than the Dutch waters. This unique, vibrant bird loves living on the other side of the world.

My family has lived in the Netherlands for generations, and I am a proud descendant of “Rinus the Heron”*. Yet I love Bonaire (an island territory of the Netherlands off the coast of South America), where I happily sit in the sun and enjoy everything it has to offer. That is why I live with one foot in the Netherlands and one in the Caribbean.

My passion is building marketing relationships on a contract and or project basis for Dutch, Caribbean, and American clients. That way, I can enjoy the best of all worlds!

That makes me, Ina Oome Miss Marketing, a heron with ambition, or in other words, a flamingo!

*Rinus the Heron was the nickname of my paternal grandfather. He owed this name because he often stood on one leg when working on the ship.

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