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How to create instant inspiration?

Well, it is true that little time often goes hand in hand with little inspiration. And every now and then, a little chaos and hectic times are also good for your creativity!

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Here you will find thought-provoking blogs, sharp columns and enticing social posts from INA! This page offers you a sparkling view on things or a sharp opinion in the written form. Or occasionally with a wink of an eye, recorded facts. Simply with the purpose of sharing knowledge, to be engaged in my profession and to show you who iNA!

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Branding me! Practice what you preach!

Branding yourself it most difficult thing to do 😉

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Thesis: contractionary inflation is consumer fraud

Read the in Marketing Tribune published response of Ina Oome Miss Marketing alias Bonaire Blogger. Her overall outtake: ‘Moral compass seems completely lacking.’
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Miss Marketing in Marketing Tribune

Next week my 14th article will appear in Marketing Tribune. It will probably be my first piece as Miss Marketing Bonaire c.q. Bonaire Blogger. A few thousand kilometers away, with flamingos instead of herons and nice weather all year round.
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NIMA and Factor-C on Bonaire is a fact!

When it’s online, it’s real… Anyway, Miss Marketing Bonaire facilitates NIMA and Factor-C training and much more …
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The Bonaire feeling

The feeling that has already stolen our hearts ❣️ The Bonaire feeling 🤩 🙋‍♀️🦩🌵☀️
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Old ways won’t open new doors

Every Marketing Professional gets confronted with some regularity from within the organization or the client with these legendary words, “but we always have done it this way!”
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Media in Bonaire

Reinventing and discovering everything. No, I don’t have to reinvent myself as a professional, but many things are a little bit different in Bonaire compared to the Netherlands. For example, here Facebook is leading as a touch-point and LinkedIn is not a thing.
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Green with envy

Green with envy because there is always there’s an Alpha dog and a Beta dog or in this case an Iguana… this local version alias the Mayor just sits in the sun all day, poking my eyes out while I count down the days behind my laptop …
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Bon Pasku ?

To all Fl’Amigo’s Feliz Navidad Bon Pasku Merry Christmas Prettige Kerstdagen and hopefully a great 2022 Until that time I will enjoy myself despite these crazy times  that next year maybe better for all of us   iNA! is out of office from 23 December 2021 till 5 January 2022
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Instant inspiration

Well, it is true that little time often goes hand in hand with little inspiration. Applying instant inspiration is a seemingly obvious method, but I don’t want to withhold these useful tips from you
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Meet Bob

Bob is a Caribbean flamingo, from the island of Curaçao. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a hotel window, leaving him severely concussed.
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Is ROI less important during Covid-19 ?

Even the moralist has a goal
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This flamingo is a heron with ambitions

I came across this photo thanks to my love for flamingos. And after laying eyes on this beautiful image, two things happened: I suddenly saw the similarities between this flamingo and a heron, and realized my love extends to the countries where they live.
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