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With a bag full of knowledge, and countless wrinkles, I earned my experience as an expert in marketing and communications. I initiate the process and work accordingly to a desired outcome!

From first cup of coffee, I'm involved as a partner and marketing communication advisor of your organization. Within a short notice, I have an overview of your organization, which I make as my own.

My heart beats faster of creative concepts and pragmatic advice I provide to your organization. With the dynamics of both projects and interim-consultancy, I amplify my creativity and effectiveness. The variety and diversity of branches, organizations, and people inspires and energizes me.

I am a senior marketing professional SMP® and Factor-C expert, who provides a boost to your business, campaign or project. I can replace your employee during absence or shortages. Furthermore, I also encourage and strengthen your team with a need for additional capacity and creativity. At any moment, iNA! is at your service as an interim professional or in your project.

communication, creative, innovative, initiator, organizer, entrepreneur, strategic, analytic, goal-driven, decisive, social – Source: Insights
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