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Time management is an important element to create enough time for creative projects, but is time management really that easy to apply?

Be in charge of your own time!

This is how almost every book or article starts when it comes to time management. Well, ‘be in charge of your own time’ is as clich√© as ‘be in charge of your own life’. It sounds so logical and obvious, but most of the time is doesn’t work out.

Okay, I might want to reflect on how I spend my time as well, right? As the last column I wrote was actually too long ago, as well as spontaneously going to a movie or cleaning out my closet. My modest personal conclusion is: ‘I am too driven and loyal’. I always make time for my clients, various board positions, family and friends. Actually, I know that about myself and maybe I also like having a lot on my hands.

I have really mastered the whole time management thing within assignments and projects. And while this is my first column since a while, I did spend time ‘restyling’ my website. And well ‘the eye wants something too’ and ‘you only make a first impression once’, so I deliberately put time into this time-consuming job.

Instant inspiration

Well, it is true that little time often goes hand in hand with little inspiration. Applying instant inspiration is a seemingly obvious method, but I don’t want to withhold these useful tips from you:

  • gather, scour and set yourself a topic, question or problem
  • clear your head or… think of the most unrealistic things
  • pick a date and set yourself a deadline

So far, so good! Instant inspiration I can apply; the new website is up and running and my first column is a fact. And with passion for my profession I love to be busy every day. I would certainly not want to miss the diversity of all the projects. And if that means that I have to clean out my closet a little less often, that’s fine by me.

And every now and then, a little chaos and hectic times are also good for your creativity!

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