Is ROI less important during Covid-19 ?

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Even the moralist has a goal

Some of you might know that on a bi-monthly basis I publish in a professional business magazine. It is an opinion leadership column on either a statement or specific topic. For example ‘my perception on meat marketing’ as last year’s reply on the statement ‘Food marketeers are fairy tale tellers’. This time around a statement that ‘ROI is less important during Covid-19’, an interesting statement that seems to work for the moralists although even the moralists have a purpose and therefor my opinion is that ROI plays always an important role at any time.

Even the moralist has a goal
ROI is important at all times so corona times doesn’t make any difference at all. It just depends on what your goals are. Cause loyalty in itself can be a goal and therefore the return on investment you are aiming for.

Or your goal is to achieve a return on investment in the long run by consciously opting for a good cause and making a social contribution that pays off in a few years. Everyone invests with a purpose, even if it is with the best intentions in the world.

These odd times brings many moralists or at least they claim to be one. For them ROI seems not to be that important at this moment. But supporting, contributing to and sustaining selfless thought are. However, moralists also have a purpose, although it may not be a direct pursuit of profit, but there is a purpose. And so there is also a pursuit for a return on investment. From a completely different perspective though. It just depends on what definition you connect to this term.


"Is ROI less important during Covid-19?"

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